How it all started

We’re a Cwmavon and Port Talbot based craft brewery currently brewing small scale batches.

Our beers are themed around the industrial heritage of the local area going back to the 19th century and more specifically, based on the iron and rail production industries in the Afan Valley.

All our beers are bottle conditioned and are styled on British ales and European Abbey beers.


The Railmill Brewing Company was inspired by local history and the industries that were present in the Afan Valley from the mid-19th Century. Long before there was a steelworks in the current town of Port Talbot, iron production and mining were growing industries in the village of Cwmavon, 2 miles upstream on the River Afan. The port at Aberavon was first developed to import and export materials and products to and from these factories which included the rail mill that was constructed in 1847.


The rail mill was built to produce rails for the expanding steam rail network. It was famous locally for producing the ‘monster rail’ at 62ft 5in and was displayed at the Great Exhibition of 1851 at the Crystal Palace, London. At the time, this was the longest single rail produced anywhere in the world; a true testament to the people and their craft who forged the rail. The original Rail Mill House still remains today and it is here where beer is carefully crafted as a toast to the once bustling industry prevalent in the now quiet valley.



About Our Beers

Our head brewer has always had a passion for beer, in particular those that are bottle conditioned. Beers can be kept for many months and years in the bottle and will continue to mature and develop over time producing complex and interesting flavours. As well as traditional British ales, included in our range are some Abbey style beers where there is a focus on balance between the wonderful malty flavour from the barley and the bitterness and aromas of the hop. We hope that this balance has been achieved.


Go Off the Rails is a strong dark ale, left to condition in the bottle for an extended period to provide depth and flavour. Subtly influenced by the Abbey style beers of Europe.


Our head brewer says “…one of the highlights of any road trip to the immediate continent was the supermarket and perusing an array of amazing beers on offer. The UK is fast catching up, but some of the remarkable traditional Abbey beers, in particular those from Belgium, remain some of the best in the world with their production secrets closely guarded. This is our take on that style with a couple of twists, generous hop additions and use of local ingredients. Full bodied and packed with UK and German hops… great with a roast or simply enjoyed on its own. Served chilled…”


Furnace IPA is a strong amber ale, the colour of molten iron. Packed with Czech, German and American hops to provide a pleasant aroma and bitter kick.


Our head brewer says “ an IPA, hops play the lead role and we were keen that traditional hops played their part along with new world varieties. As with all our beers, there is a focus on balance to ensure that no one ingredient is too prominent…but that lovely bitter finish as you would expect with an IPA is still achieved. Another great beer with food and can be enjoyed chilled or at cellar temperatures.”


As the name suggests this is a monster of a beer, amber in colour with caramel and delicate spice flavours that melt in your mouth. Subtly influenced by the Abbey style beers of Europe.


Our head brewer says “…similar to ‘Go Off the Rails’, the ‘Monster Rail’ is another nod to the monasteries and abbeys of Europe. This beer however reverts to our main aim when developing our beers….balance. The hop is toned down slightly to allow that lovely malty taste to come forward; plus with some other subtle additions, you get a wonderful hint of caramel. Lighter in colour than some of our other beers in the range, but don’t be fooled; it still has depth and strength. A great accompaniment to cheese which really helps brings out the flavour….another we recommend that is served chilled…”


The Railmill Ale is a smooth malty beer, dark in colour with delicate hop and spice undertones.


Our head brewer says “The aim was to produce a full bodied ale with great aroma. We looked to subtly introduce some Abbey influences, but keep these in the background; also keeping the alcohol at reasonable levels. Some dark malts were introduced giving it a wonderful deep colour and also adding depth. This is a great beer with food and can be enjoyed chilled or at cellar temperatures.”

THE 1847

The 1847, brewed to 4.7% and named to celebrate the start of rail production in the Afan Valley, is a refreshing blond ale made using Czech and British hops to produce a rounded bitter finish.


Our head brewer says “We were looking to create a cross between a German pilsner and a British light ale. A light, blonde beer with hops that are not so over powering as to block out the malt… refreshing beer for any occasion. Drink chilled.”

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